Hats For Backpacks
We will be collecting hats once again to be donated to the Brooke Jackman Foundation. As we have in the past, these hats for school age children 4-10 years old will be included in backpacks for Back To School. We have donated 5,000 hats thus far and each year our number grows.

SEAN’S GIFT Blanket Program
We are collecting blankets sized 54”x54” to donate to SEAN’S GIFT. Sean LaPersonerie was a 24 year old veteran home from Iraq when he was hit by a car crossing a local street in his Long Island, NY hometown on New Year’s Eve 2011. Four days later he died of his injuries. Sean was an organ donor and his mother found comfort in a hand made blanket that was placed on Sean while they were waiting for the organ retrieval to take place. Sean’s mom founded SEAN’S GIFT, a non-profit, dedicated to providing the same comfort she was given. Since Sean was a veteran, we are joining with the Veterans’ Hospital in Northport, NY in the distribution of these blankets.

Think Pink
As always we support those who have been effected by breast cancer. Collections of pink scarves and pink chemo hats (please make them of very soft yarn) are most welcome. Go to the hat pattern link on this website for ideas of patterns.

WomenHeart - February
Think red for February and knit or crochet red scarves. Bring comfort, support and encouragement to women who have heart disease. Scarves should be made of only red yarn and be the size of 5” X 60”.

Keep Our Veterans Warm
A local Veterans hospital has asked for shawls for the men. If anyone has a good knit or crochet pattern to share (something a male might wear), please email Betty Volpe bjvolpe@optonline.net

Sock Monkeys
We have been getting many inquiries for the sock monkeys with matching hats. We do have the instructions for changing knee socks into the “monkey”. It requires using your sewing machine. Email Betty Volpe bjvolpe@optonline.net if you are interested.

CARE TO KNIT ducks will be donated to
babies and children in local hospitals.


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